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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the "france 24" newsroom. here are the headlines. turkey's leader vows to usher in a new era as he wins the election. he will be turkey's next president. the outgoing prime minister won the first ever presidential election. he hailed his victory as a start of a new era for turkey despite being in power for over a decade. critics warn of increasing authority -- increasingly
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authoritarian rule. >> after 11 years as prime minister he has been elected turkey's next president. >> today is a new era for turkey. today is the day turkey rises from the ashes to form a new country. >> for supporters of his party, the result was never in doubt. >> it was always obvious who the winner of the election was going to be. the prime minister stood tall and so did the muslims. >> he garnered nearly 52% of the vote, enough to avoid a second round runoff. both his main rivals 45-year term have conceded defeat. but they say they will be keeping a nine on his actions. >> i hope these results will be good for our democracy.
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i congratulate our prime minister and wish him good luck. >> whoever tramples on our principles, his title does not matter. he can be president, prime minister, or minister. if he acts against our principles, we will not hesitate to stand against him. he will not have immunity just because he is president. >> it is the first time turks have voted for their president. the decision used to be left to members of parliament. despite a corruption scandal protests, and a mining disaster in the last year, he still enjoys strong support from many, particularly religious conservatives. in recent decades, presidents have hardly played a ceremonial well. he says he will exercise full presidential powers, including chairing cabinet meetings and appointing key posts in the justice system. >> for more analysis on this vote and what it means for turkey's future, i'm joined by a
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political analyst specializing in turkish politics. thank you for taking the time to join us. he did win by less than anticipated. still a decisive victory. what does it say about the direction turkey is heading? >> the polls gave him a neat victory. garden he started his prime minister roe in 2003 as a conservative democrat. he made many reforms in turkey. social policies have improved. the majority of the population for religious and social reasons are supporting him. the country has become an emerging power. there is a satisfaction
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particularly amongst the population with low income and some sectors of society. unfortunately, as of 2010 and 2011, he started becoming more authoritarian preferring his personal style of government surrounded with a small team of advisers. he does not even consult his own party, etc. he sees himself as sort of a historical leader of the second greatest the second greatest historical leader of the republic since the 1920's and 30's. he has become -- he has been exercising power. that has led him to become more powerful -- paranoid. he dominates the political system but still talks about
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threats to him etc.. >> he says he will make political reforms to make the presidency a stronger position. is this a dangerous move? what does it mean? >> in a country like turkey, it is a danger. unlike the united states, the separation of powers are not solid in turkey. currently, he dominates parliament justice system. big media groups have been sort of bought by his industrial friends, so he controls everything. that is dangerous for turkish democracy. >> many outside of turkey question how he could still be in power and have won the victory considering the images the western media for trays. is there a major disconnect between how the media perceives him and how turks view him?
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>> a small part of the turkish media are still independent and criticize him for being authoritarian, etc.. this is true. since his party is successful economically and socially and the opposition parties are very sweak, he enjoys support in the party -- country. 52% is not what he was expecting. but still, he has majority in the country. >> that is all we have time for. thank you for sharing your perspective on this election. >> thank you. >> moving on to the day's other top story the rock faces a jihadist offensive and
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humanitarian crisis in the north and a political standoff in the capital. insurgents have captured the town that is 130 kilometers northeast of baghdad. it expands their territorial gains made in recent months. over the weekend, the u.s. launched a fourth round of air strikes against isis fighters in the semiautonomous kurdish north. they were able to push militants out of two villages near the regional capital. adam is standing by in one of the two towns retaken. we can cross to him now. tell us a situation where you are. >> i'm in the town that is 40 kilometers southwest. it was taken by fighters last wednesday. it is one of the locations of u.s. airstrikes that help them take the town back. the battle in which they lost 10
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fighters. you can see the fields scorched around the town. we are told this is where u.s. missiles hit isis locations to stop their defense -- advanced. the town has been abandoned. previously, 10,000 people were living here. isis positions are now two kilometers away. you can see villages burning in the distance. we are told they set them on like. moments ago, there were rounds of fire because they were firing at vehicles they believed were being driven by isis members. about 45 minutes before we got here and another one before we started this live report on the fringes of the village nearby. although they have taken the town, they have not secured the
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area. >> a tense situation as we can clearly see. let's talk about the u.s. involvement in the battle against militants. the airstrike campaign, is proving to be effective? >> it is a very limited airstrike. it does seem to have been effective. this is a good example. it is not that they are taking out isis positions. it is just that they are stopping their progress in certain places. this is one of the major roads. int left the road wide open to the kurdish capital. there are very limited strikes. they may try to take it again. when strikes have been used, limited strikes previously, they did seem to be effective helping to open a corridor to rescue
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members of the ucd community stranded on the mountain -- is city community stranded on the mountain. some were able to leave for the kurdish areas. >> thank you for the update from iraq, one of two towns which fighters have taken back from isis. in baghdad, the political crisis deepens. in a speech sunday, the embattled prime minister rebuked resignation calls as he lashed out at the country's new president. he alleges he has violated the constitution by failing to task him with forming a new government. >> i will file a legal complaint to the federal court against the president of the republic for committing a clear constitutional violation for the sake of political goals and
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preferring narrow interests over the interests of the iraqi people. >> that was maliki speaking last night. this monday, an iraqi court declared the prime minister's coalition the largest in parliament. that is a boost to the prime minister's efforts to stand for a third term. we are getting reports across the wire the national shiite alliance has announced the current vice president parliamentary vice president they have nominated him as prime minister. this is according to the spokesperson of the national alliance for shiite rule. we will bring you more as it comes in. robert parsons explains the political wrangling going on as the violence continues to hit iraq. >> essentially, the highest court in rock is saying maliki
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is constitutionally correct. according to the constitution, the party that wins the most votes in the parliamentary election the leader of the party that wins the most votes which is maliki's party has the right to attempt to form a new government first. that is what he has been demanding. he is demanding the new president should authorize that, should call him and say i am asking you to form a new government. he has not been doing that. maliki says he is dragging his feet. the court has said maliki is correct. the ball is now in the president's court. he has to call him mr. maliki to form a new government. >> a new three-a cease-fire appears to be holding in gaza. israel and hamas agreed to the pause which came into effect midnight sunday. the fresh cease-fire and the way for talks in egypt -- clears the
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way for talks in egypt. the israeli delegation is in cairo for negotiations. palestinians want an end to the gaza blockade while israel wants all hamas militants to be disarmed. we have details. >> holding fire for now. throughout the night, violence did not break out between gaza and israel. the bombs. no rockets. the fragile truce seems to be holding, giving both sides the opportunity to restart indirect talks in egypt. for hamas, this is the last chance for a deal. >> we insist on reaching our goal. that is to meet the demands of all palestinians and lift the blockade on the gaza strip. >> another sticking point? israel wants gaza to be demilitarized, stop firing rockets, and infiltrating the country through tunnels.
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right until the start of the new truce at midnight local time, both kept fighting. this after a previous cease-fire expired friday. israeli prime minister warned reaching an agreement would take time. >> israel will not negotiate under fire. israel will continue to act in every way to change the situation and bring peace to all its citizens. we will stand together in unity until we complete our mission. >> israel plans to send negotiators back to cairo monday. egyptian mediators and the u.n. hope the new round of talks will bring lasting peace to the region. >> let's completely switch gears and turn our attention to the skies. earth was treated 20 bits brightest full moon's sunday night as the supermoon made a luminous appearance.
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>> as night fell on sunday, a supermoon emerged. its light reflected from the beaches of sydney, the great wall of china, and london's tower bridge. on the west coast of france, one little girl kept her date with the moon. >> as you can see, it is really bright. it is brighter than the full moon. it is really bright. there will only be three of these moons the whole of 2014. there are only going to be three of these. >> supermoons are bigger and brighter due to the close proximity of the orbit. the distance from the earth is 350,000 kilometers instead of 384,000. sunday's phenomenon is technically known as the moon reaching its [indiscernible] state according to astronomers
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it was the closest to earth in 20 years. the last supermoon 2014 is scheduled for september. >> let's getting the cap of headlines. -- let's getting recap of the headlines. turkey's new president vows to usher in a new era while critics warn of the tightening grip on power. u.s. airstrikes pushed against extremists in northern iraq as the political crisis deepens in baghdad. a fresh cease-fire holds in gaza. negotiators returned to cairo this monday. mediators are trying to hash out a long-term end to hostilities. those where the latest headlines. it is time for our press review. nick, we are going to start with the ongoing coverage in iraq and reports of women and children possibly being buried alive. >> this is the headline of the paper "the independent." it is from this monday.
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it is incredible. you can see some of the victims women and children, buried alive by islamists in iraq. the papers globally are saying up to 500 yasidis have been killed. the paper reporting they were buried alive, some in scattered graves. lined up and shot in the head as well. fighters for the islamist state cheering on both executions. would find a paper saying 20,000 have managed to escape and get to parts of kurdistan, the semiautonomous region in the north of iraq. there they have got refuge. in terms of the question of airstrikes and humanitarian airdrops, the papers are covering that. the other major factor in iraq is the instability.
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"the washington times" is saying the prime minister seeking a third term is accusing the president of organizing a coup on the constitution. lots of news about tension in baghdad over who will rule the country. >> a lot of attention turning to turkey. that has been the top story of the day. the presidential victory of the prime minister. >> i looked at one of the most reputable papers in the country centerleft and secular. you can see an opinion piece critical of him saying as the 12th president of turkey he will maintain domination of parliament. his own party, the government as a whole and will sideline the outgoing president who was a moderate as they set up the party 13 years ago.
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is saying we are nearing a dictatorship for the first time since the founding of the country. let's look at the moves he has been making in recent days. if we look at the lebanese paper, he rebuked a female journalist for asking a question say whether any muslim society was capable of challenging authorities. he told her to know her place. that is the state of play in turkey. >> what do you have next? there is the question of ebola crisis in western africa. we have four countries directly concerned. this paper "the daily observer," is a library and paper. that man is the executive
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director of the human rights group that is called the foundation for international dignity. he says not only do we have up to 300 deaths and hundreds infected in liberia, but the problem of hunger and thirst for those people kept in quarantine areas. the countries hard-hit by roadblocks. it is cut off because there is no business going on. people are not doing business in the shops. there is no food being delivered. there very few resources. this country has been hit by years of civil war. very few doctors. this can be read up online directly in the papers from those countries. >> let's turn our attention to something lighter. that is sports. what have you got for us? >> the question in the french press this monday, that is one
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of the stories for the french in the deep midsummer about the women's rugby team of france. doing really well in the stage before the semifinals beating australia saturday 17-3. they will meet canada wednesday in the semis and possibly go to the final next sunday. the french press saying they have record ratings on telly up to 2 million viewers on saturday. will there be a good ratings win for them if they make it to the semifinal? -- sunday final? they flattened the opposition in terms of the teeny programs and their opponents on the pitch. amazing stuff. >> that is something a lot of rugby fans will be looking forward to. thank you for a look at the day's press.
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all that rugby talk takes us to our sports roundup. take a look. >> monaco suffered an opening day defeat going down 2-1 in a busy weekend of french action. they played out a pulsating 3-3 draw. they signaled their intent for the coming season by brushing aside the premier league champions. a fantastic second half strike takes a comfortable 3-0 win. >> i think it was important to win the game. it was as well even more important to have a big part in the game with quality.
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that is a comfort for me to see that we can produce the kind of quality we have produced for some long patches in the game. >> he has decided to quit the french national team after being let out of the squad that reached the world cup quarterfinals in brazil. the 27-year-old blames the press for his decision and says i don't want to be there anymore. the kick off the season in munich next week. the defense have their work cut out after warming up with a 5-1 home defeat to the spanish champions sunday. garcia's strike was the only goal by halftime. he scored again 10 minutes after the break. he scored twice here in the 6-1 defeat and got one again from the penalty spot following the move.
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another new france arrival got on the score sheet at the wrong end after his 33 million euro move to make it 3-1. he made it 4-1 brilliantly a minute later to finish the game. there was further celebration with hernandez rounding off the win, 5-1 at finish. they will play august 19 looking for revenge for the champions league final defeat. jo-wilfried tsonga of france has beat world number three roger federer in straight sets in the final. the 29-year-old returned to the top 10 after winning 7-6. he had beaten andy murray and novak djokovic on the way to the final. worry macklemore he has won a fourth career title -- rory
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mcilroy has won a fourth career title. >> it was a fun day for me to make some birdies and move up early so i had a good chance on the back nine. i am disappointed in the outcome. i thought if i had been able to finish strong it could have flipped the way i look at this year. i have some regrouping to do the next three or four months. i have some areas of my game i have to work on. i feel like if i am able to continue to be strong and healthy and sharp in these areas of my game, i should have four or five good years that i really want to focus on. >> cycling in the classic where britain -- the british writer
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and the biggest victory of his career so far. the group of 11 writers have broken clear. later it was down to just five including the champion who attacked at the final sprint at wimbledon but was quickly reeled in the last kilometer. it was the same five fighting it out for victory. he cleverly is situated himself at the back of the group before launching a race winning attack. swift came in second. a man having an easier ride on sunday was the tour de france winner could this silly and celebrated with more than 1500 fans in his adopted -- the sicilian celebrated with more than 1500 fans in his adopted hometown.
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